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Books are never the wrong answer. Well, much as your favorite dating aunties in hyderabad might enjoy a nice steak dinner and Merlot, you might want to up the nerdy factor if you really want to win them over.

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But, hey, your instincts are already in the right place: nerdy. Throughout the year there are any of literary festivals, themed for specific books or authors or just general literary mayhem.


Or, if your book nerd is on the even nerdier side, nab some badges for your local or the free men for women ones ComicCon. Then, fuel up the Zipcar and head out to some literary museum and sites that are a bit closer.

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There are tons of museums and sites all over the world that offer tours and book nerdery galore. You could even trace the tracks of Kerouac or follow the tracks of famous literary travels.


Choosing the right book for the moment is one of the great book nerd problems. We just want to own them ALL! So, imagine if you could give your book nerd the chance to go nuts in the bookstore. There are, of course, also stage adaptations of novels too, so look around. Stock up on take-out and snacks, get some cozy PJs, make a book-littered pallet on the living room date lover and settle in for a night of every Wives seeking casual sex wi bancroft 54921 Austen adaptation you can find there are a lot.

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Maybe Jack Kerouac bummed at a bar down the block from your apartment, or a favorite character navigated familiar sites in a post-apocalyptic version of your city, or date lover Ishmael Reed wrote a love letter to the streets and landmarks of your city. Happily, the Internet is full of literary maps, adult wants real sex annabella this oneso you can discover the literary history of your city.


Does your bookish boo love have a thing for Victorian romance? Don a waistcoat and a decent cravat or a bustle and bonnet and walk arm-in-arm to the nearest tea house for little cakes or a casual bar for some sherry.


Or maybe your nerdy S. All the better if you can find a themed restaurant, bar, what have you! Do try to find a place with a fireplace. Fireplace is key.


Beaches are also acceptable. Reading is, of course, already the very best thing, but reading in a perfect, cozy little nook is heaven itself. By Crystal Paul.